At the heart of the revolution is the convergence of VoIP technology and cloud hosting that allow next-generation calling features, integrated mobile access and efficiencies that often keep costs lower than traditional solutions.

The result for many businesses is a better phone system and the opportunity to improve operations and customer service. Plus, the return on investment can be dramatic.

Hosted VoIP – Do you want to keep your employees connected no matter where they are? With Hosted IP solutions, regardless if your employees are traveling, working from home or in the office they can retain contact with their coworkers and clients

Hosted IP services typically save 30% – 60% of upfront cost compared to traditional telephone systems.

  • Cost Effective – Hosted VoIP requires minimal investment! Since the PBX is hosted and maintained in the Cloud, there is no expensive equipment to purchase or maintain. With the access to manage your system via a Web Portal, moves, adds and changes to features and applications are much easier and faster than requiring a technician to visit you onsite. Thus eliminating the need for service calls and extra billing.
  • Reliable – In the simplest terms, reliability refers to customers having continuous access to their telephone system. Reliability can be compromised with traditional premise-base solutions, situations like downed telephone lines, floods or fire can all affect your business profits. Hosted systems run multiple redundant data centers across the country with systems and protocols that consistently product 99.999% uptime. Additionally, in the event of an outage or loss of internet, our Call Continuity feature enables the phone system to automatically re-route calls to a cell phone or another number.
  • Scalability – Hosted VoIP customers can add features and applications to their business as the needs arise. Through the online intuitive and user friendly, Administrator Portal, you the Customer is able to administer your organizations efficiency, reporting and management capabilities. The User Portal permits employees to manage their features and calls as their day to day activities may change. This flexible design allows you the customer to drive productivity and profitability into your business.
  • Support – is available 24/7 – 365 days per year! We are only one simple call away to answer your questions or concerns, assist you with technical questions, or just simply change a feature on your telephone.


  • Desktop App is a free application that extends our features to your desktop. It also presents information about your callers in real-time.
  • Mobile App is another free application for iPhone and Android devices that integrates with the full phone system.
  • Softphone App allows you to handle business calls via your laptop or PC.


  • Call Log provides detailed call records by extension or account
  • Call Pass transfers a call taken on your cell phone back to your desk phone without interruption.
  • Call Forwarding allows users to redirect their calls to another destination
  • Click to Call Me embeds a button on your webpage or email allowing clients the ability to contact you
We offer IP telephones for our clients from the top manufactures such as Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream and Panasonic your options are very broad, feature rich, tested and certified with our Hosted IP Solutions.

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