ESI develops business communications products targeted to businesses of various sizes (with an emphasis on small- and medium-sized businesses), and markets those products through a diverse Reseller organization that includes a broad cross-section of telephone interconnect companies and independent telephone companies throughout North America.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ESI has built private-label versions of its products for some of the world’s leading brands in telecommunications, including Comdial, Samsung, Executone, and Code-a-Phone.

ESI is committed to developing leading-edge products that deliver advanced features and ease of use.

ESI maintains a proactive posture and market flexibility to take advantage of rapidly changing communications technology. As an industry leader in voice processing and storage techniques, ESI is well-positioned for future innovations. In addition, the company’s sustained, long-term growth provides the stability and resources to assure superior customer support.

They also maintain high ethical standards, produces high-quality products and promotes a healthy work environment. Each employee takes pride in the company’s growth and success. ESI also participates in a variety of community involvement projects.

As an Authorized ESI distributor of products and services, we are proud to deliver this manufacture to our customers knowing the full scale of reliability, scalability and feature rich options.

ESI develops business communications products targeted to business of various sizes and markets with an emphasis on small and medium sized business. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ESI is committed to developing and delivering leading-edge products.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utilizes your internet access to transport voice conversations alongside your data. Thus, VoIP can deliver more functionality at a lower price to enterprise, governments and consumers than conventional telecommunication solutions, allowing organizations to focus on personnel and budget on core business activities rather than on supporting and maintaining a telephone system. Enhanced communication tools, advanced features, unlimited calling and a management portal all support you to offer the best overall service to your customers and employees.

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